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The Healing of Hurt

It seems that recent trends are for people to turn away from the church and be more vocal about turning away from the church in a society that no longer encourages obscurity. This turning away from the church is largely because of church hurt that has been experienced. We place the church in a higher standing and expect the church and those included in the church to act in ways that others do not. What we have to remember is that the church is comprised of people. People are not perfect, but there is a perfect God; his name is Jesus and He is a healer.

I invite you to read Wounded Sheep: How to Heal Church Hurt and Wounded Sheep: How to Calm a Storm. These books will help guide you to ways to connect to Jesus through the presence of the Holy Spirit and eventually lead you to healing. Healing can be physical and spiritual and church hurt occurs in more than just the!


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